We are a small breeding family in Knox, Maine appox. 40 minutes from Augusta in central Maine. All our Danes are raised in our home around children and other people. There are also other pets and farm animals that live here also. They are all socialized from the day they are born to the day they leave to go to their new homes and families.

       They are raised with a lot of handling and a lot of love from us and the other Great Danes in the household.

       All our Great Danes live in the house with us not in kennels. They sleep on the couch and chairs wherever they feel comfortable they have a yard they all play in if they are out by themselves or if they are out with us they have the run of the property with us. We very seldom re-home our adult Danes they usually live out their lives with us in the comfort of our home where they are brought up from puppy hood to adults.  Anyone can come an visit at any time just give me a call and let me know what time to make sure I am home I will work my schedule around visitors.  The Danes love company.

       They deserve to live their lives with those whom they love and love them and it is our duty to provide for them the best possible life they can have. Our reward is their happy tail wags, Great Dane kisses and leans and also being greeted like a long lost love one every time we arrive home.

       We breed for temperament, personality and conformation in our Great Danes and find them great pet homes. We breed Harlequins, Blacks and Mantles.  50% Euro Danes. We will also have some 100% American Danes also. I am in the process of getting all my breeding danes OFA hips tested and their color tested done so bare with me until everyone is done.

       The difference in the Euro versus’ the Americans is the European Danes are Heavier and Bulkier then the American Dane as the American Dane are taller and trimmer. So the 50% Euro puts more bone bulk on the American and the American adds the height to the European.

       We only sell AKC Full Registration to a select number of Families. We are very careful who we sell to. We will NEVER SELL OUR PUPPIES TO PUPPY MILLS OR PET STORES. They will hopefully NEVER end up in a SHELTER as I have a return policy on all my puppies.

       We like to keep track of our puppies well into adult hood and therefore insist on updates with pictures and stuff so we can share with the others that have their siblings. If you have any questions we are always available. Good Luck raising your Rodeo Dane.



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